Amazing Informative Writing Activities for Elementary ELA

Check out these 3 informative writing activities for elementary ELA!

Elementary students get really excited about writing narratives. They love telling their own stories! However, informative writing can often seem like a bit of a chore for your 3rd-5th grade students. This is especially true for those who struggle with writing. Using engaging prompts and working through the writing process in an organized way can help your students understand and get excited about informative writing! Check out these informative writing activities for elementary ELA you can use in your classroom!

Best Place on Earth

Have your students write about a place they love. This incorporates that personal element that students enjoy from narrative writing. In addition, it also helps them work on description and imagery. 

Have your students describe the best place their family has gone. Using the “best place” instead of the best vacation makes this informative writing activity more inclusive for students who don’t take family vacations. They can write about anything from their house to grandparents’ homes or even the grocery store or park.

Use the informative paragraphs writing resource to have your students brainstorm the places they consider “the best”! The resource allows you to share the planning guide directly to Google Classroom or your online learning platform with ready-to-post Google Slides!

Help the Earth

Another prompt I love to use in informative writing activities for elementary ELA is writing about ways young people can help keep the earth clean and safe. This prompt requires students to use evidence and facts to support the information they share in their paragraph. Discussing issues such as recycling and choosing paper over plastic can allow students to strengthen their vocabulary. Try teaching vocabulary so students really learn it by giving them multiple opportunities to interact with new words! They aren’t just listing ways they can help the earth but also sharing how.

Each prompt in the writing resource helps students not only brainstorm their topic but also begin building their paragraphs with details and then topic and concluding sentences. By learning how to write informative paragraphs step by step with ready-to-use Google Slides, your students will have well-rounded, organized informative writing paragraphs!

Play an Informative Writing Game

One type of informative writing students can struggle with is the expository or how to. The sequential chronological structure in which students write step-by-step instructions takes practice to master. Try this out by having students write instructions on how to play their favorite game.

These informative paragraphs will help students brainstorm the games and then organize the steps for any reader to understand and start playing the game. 

This is a favorite prompt of elementary students because if they write the paragraph well, other students can start playing their game from their instructions. Encourage them to include everything they need (including materials) when responding to the prompt. You can even use the final paragraphs to start games for Friday game day or indoor recess!

Get ready to help your students practice informative writing in the classroom. These prompts and seven more are available, including a DIGITAL version! They will take your students through the entire writing process, from brainstorming to publication.

Get your students moving from storytellers to informative writers with these informative writing activities for elementary ELA.

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Informative Writing Activities for Elementary ELA

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Check out these 3 informative writing activities for elementary ELA!

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