Celebrating Student Birthdays in the Elementary Classroom: 6 Fun and Easy Ideas

When it comes to student birthdays, celebrations are a must! After all, it’s a special day for your student and they deserve to feel loved and appreciated. After all, your classroom may be the only place they celebrate, so make it special and build classroom community. If you’re looking for some fun and simple ways to celebrate student birthdays in your elementary classroom, look no further! Here are six of our favorites:

Celebrating Student Birthdays

Have a special treat for the birthday student

Celebrate student birthdays with something as simple as a cupcake or an ice cream cone. These can be sent in by a family member or provided by you, the child’s teacher. It is a nice way to let your student know that you are thinking of them on their special day. Other ideas include popsicles, lollipops, their favorite snack, popcorn, or Veggie Straws. You can also provide treats that aren’t edible such as a fun birthday book or birthday song that students have to look forward to.

birthday chair cover - Celebrating Student Birthdays in the Elementary Classroom: 6 Fun and Easy Ideas

If you have the time, use these Birthday Chair Covers to celebrate the students and let them know you are thinking about them. Attach a birthday balloon or party hat if they are allowed, and the day will be a hit. Students also love birthday crowns they can create themselves!

Make a card for the student

Using a large piece of construction paper, make a birthday card for the birthday kid. You can either have everyone in the class sign it, or you can make a special card just for the birthday student. Either way, it is a nice gesture to make them feel loved and appreciated while celebrating student birthdays.

Display Student Names and Birthdays on the Bulletin Board

Create your own classroom birthday board using these Cupcake Birthday Bulletin Board pieces. There’s a cupcake for each month of the year. I like to laminate them at the beginning of the year and write student names using a Sharpie marker. At the end of the year, I erase the names using nail polish remover or a Magic Eraser, and I’m ready for the next class.

Birthday Cupcakes Thumbnails - Celebrating Student Birthdays in the Elementary Classroom: 6 Fun and Easy Ideas

I also have a Rustic Farmhouse Chic Birthday Display with a birthday certificate that you will enjoy. This is a simple and neutral look for your classroom birthdays to be displayed. Don’t forget to celebrate your summer birthdays either at the beginning or end of each school year so those students don’t get left out.

Play a game in honor of the student’s birthday

A game is a great idea for classrooms where you can’t give out gifts or treats. This can be something as simple as a “Happy Birthday” game of tag or you can come up with a more creative game that is specific to the student’s interests. If they have a favorite classroom game, play that during small group times or indoor recess.

If you have the time, send home a little questionnaire to get to know the student more. On their birthday, let them share their favorite things and some interesting facts about themselves. They may even enjoy sharing the best gift they ever received as a little show and tell time.

Have a special lunch for the birthday student

This form of celebrating student birthdays can be something as simple as ordering pizza or having a picnic on the playground. Depending on your school, you may be able to take your whole class outside to picnic tables, a patio, or a courtyard. Get creative with it. It is a fun way to let your student know that you are thinking of them on their special day.

Give the student a small gift

This can be something as simple as a book or a toy. It is an excellent way to let your student know that you are thinking of them on their special day. Run to the Dollar Store to find small knick-knacks you can pass out all year or add to a birthday bag.

  • Try giving students these Rubber Bracelets! Kids will love receiving these from you on their birthday. It’s just a small way to show you care.
  • They will also love these Crazy Straws. These are great additions to your goodie bags.
  • Every kid loves a pop-it toy, so grab these Mini Pop-Its to add to their little gift.
  • These Crazy Pencil Toppers are super fun for celebrating students’ birthdays. They will love putting them on a birthday pencil or their favorite writing tool.
  • Star Shaped Rainbow Swirl Pops are a fantastic treat for the birthday boy or birthday girl.

As crazy as it sounds, a birthday gift can be as simple as a homework pass or an extra trip to the classroom library. Kids love that sort of stuff!

Download a Birthday Gift FREEBIE!

Whatever you do to celebrate, use these pre-made Birthday Gift Tags as cards or to label little treats and gifts you may give them. They’re FREE, and they will make the perfect birthday labels for your classroom. The kids will appreciate the sweet and special note.

free birthday gift tags - Celebrating Student Birthdays in the Elementary Classroom: 6 Fun and Easy Ideas

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These are just a few ideas for celebrating student birthdays in the elementary classroom. Use these ideas to make your students’ special day even more memorable! Birthday celebrations are always extra special when everyone takes the time to make the birthday student feel loved and appreciated. These six ideas are a great way to do just that!

Happy celebrating! 🙂

Celebrating Student Birthdays

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