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Vocabulary Work in Upper Grades

Vocabulary Work for Upper Grades and Why It’s Important

Why is vocabulary work important in upper grades? Vocabulary is a word that refers to all of the words in a given language. One must know vocabulary words to communicate effectively with others. Vocabulary is also important to reading comprehension because the reader will not understand what they are reading

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best book series for fifth graders

25 Best Book Series for Fifth Graders

Fifth grade is the perfect age to begin reading book series. Kids are getting into different genres and like to learn more about characters they fall in love with. Here is a list of 25 book series for fifth graders that will have them begging for more. Anne of Green

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Use effective small group reading strategies to engage students.

3 Effective Small Group Reading Strategies

As you start implementing your small group reading instruction in the classroom, there are a few things you will want to consider. Your small group instruction is not only a time to practice word recognition and reading fluency but to build on students reading far beyond the words in front

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Tips for Small Group reading Times

Simple Tips for Small Group Reading & How to Implement Them

Small group lessons are an extremely important piece of a student’s reading success. Through efficient small group reading lessons, students will improve their independent reading skills, but how do they get there? It’s up to you as their teacher to implement best practices as you organize small groups of students

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Descriptive writing ideas

Descriptive Writing Roundup with Fun Teaching Ideas

Let’s think about descriptive writing for a second. It involves adding elaborate details to written text to draw in the reader. Students begin writing with simple sentences, and over time they add more and more detail. This takes practice though and can be more difficult for some students. With a

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