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Descriptive writing ideas

Descriptive Writing Roundup with Fun Teaching Ideas

Let’s think about descriptive writing for a second. It involves adding elaborate details to written text to draw in the reader. Students begin writing with simple sentences, and over time they add more and more detail. This takes practice though and can be more difficult for some students. With a

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Narrative Writing Ideas for Kids

A Helpful Narrative Writing Roundup

When I think of Narrative Writing, I think of storytelling. I imagine kids writing about their experiences and things they dream up. Narratives can be real or make-believe situations and are so fun to write about. While some students don’t prefer making up stories, there are ways to make it

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Narrative Writing Prompts for Upper Elementary

55 Narrative Writing Prompts for Upper Elementary

Teaching narrative writing and need some fun writing prompts to get your students thinking? I have found that the more fun you make the narrative writing prompts, the more students will write. Here is a list of 55 narrative writing prompts you will want to use in your classroom. Some

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Teaching Opinion writing for kids

Teaching Opinion Writing for Kids

Opinion writing is such a fun way for kids to express themselves. They can write opinion pieces about almost anything! Opinion writing can stem from prompts, and mentor texts, and they even evolve into persuasive writing. Want to learn how to use mentor texts and fun prompts to keep your

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