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Best book series for fourth graders

22 Best Book Series for Fourth Graders

Are your fourth graders itching for a good series to read on their own or as a class? I’ve put together a list of 22 best book series for fourth graders to enjoy this school year and for years to come. Take a look at this exciting list and make

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10 Tips for Beginner Teachers

10 Simple Tips for Beginner Teachers

The beginning of your teaching career is an important time because it sets up how you will handle things for the new school year. Over the years, you will learn new ideas that work and toss out things you find don’t work. As a beginning teacher, it’s nice to get

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Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

60 Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

Writing amazing descriptions are what makes movies, books, plays, and games so much fun. Without adequate descriptions, they wouldn’t be very interesting. Teaching kids to write with tons of descriptions takes time and energy. Instead of using your brainpower to come up with fun, descriptive writing prompts, try using these

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Opinion writing prompt ideas

50 Amazing Opinion Writing Prompt Ideas

Are you having trouble thinking of some great opinion writing topics for your students to use during writing block or writer’s workshop? Many prompts have already been used year after year. I created a list of 50 opinion writing prompts that will get your kids thinking and may even spark

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