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Free websites for reading in upper elementary

10 Free Websites for Reading in Upper Elementary

As your students work on their reading skills, it’s nice to have free websites for reading that they can use in centers and even at home. Here is a list of 10 fun free websites for reading that will encourage kids to read, comprehend, and apply their learning in the

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Best book series for fourth graders

22 Best Book Series for Fourth Graders

Are your fourth graders itching for a good series to read on their own or as a class? I’ve put together a list of 22 best book series for fourth graders to enjoy this school year and for years to come. Take a look at this exciting list and make

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10 Tips for Beginner Teachers

10 Simple Tips for Beginner Teachers

The beginning of your teaching career is an important time because it sets up how you will handle things for the new school year. Over the years, you will learn new ideas that work and toss out things you find don’t work. As a beginning teacher, it’s nice to get

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