5 Greek and Latin Root Activities

5 Greek and Latin Root Activities to use for students in the classroom. Digital greek and latin root activities included.

When it comes to learning vocabulary words, word parts are where it’s at! Greek and Latin Root words are the basis for so many words in the English language. Students that understand Greek and Latin roots are more likely to score higher on standardized assessments. Vocabulary acquisition also helps reading comprehension. In addition, knowing roots can definitely help understand words in context. All in all, these Greek and Latin Root Activities & Games will help your students build vocabulary and stay engaged in the classroom!

Personal Dictionary

Did you know that creating a visual representation is super important for building vocabulary with students at ALL ages? The more ways students are able to interact with words, the better they will be able to retain them!

Students can certainly copy definitions from a dictionary, but word meanings become more ingrained when the definitions are their own. Using personal dictionaries to define Greek and Latin root words will help your students internalize the definitions.

Visual learners will also benefit from drawing a picture to go with the definition. Not much of an artist? Have your students use the Google Slides digital version and insert images that complement the words and definitions. This is an opportunity to talk about using image searches and copyright as well.

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Match It Up

This two-player Greek and Latin Roots Game (or two groups) is so much fun! One player has definition cards while the other player has the root words along with their own player mats. Player one reads all the definitions while Player two tries to put the word cards in the same order on their own mat. The goal is for the students to match up their cards with the correct words and definitions in the corresponding row on their mat. Match it Up is a fun, fast-paced game that is a great way to review basic root words! Everything you need to play this Greek and Latin roots game comes in the Greek and Latin Root Activities bundle!

Match It Up - 5 Greek and Latin Root Activities

Choice Boards

For early finishers or simply extension activities, I love using choice boards. They give students ownership in what they are learning and help make learning fun! Using one of these choice boards allows you to differentiate instruction while teaching and reviewing root words.

Making crossword puzzles, acting out Greek and Latin Roots, and creating Google Slide presentations or posters over particular roots, prefixes, and suffixes are some choice board activities your students will enjoy!

What’s That Word?

Using Google Slides for these activities makes it easy to interact with the vocabulary content! What’s that Word is a simple, digital drag and drop activity. Have your students match the Greek or Latin root word to the correct definition on the slide presentation. This can be used as a formative assessment or a review piece to use with your distance or in-person learners!

Tell a Story

Vocabulary and reading often go hand and hand, but what about writing? Have your students use some of the root words in the Greek and Latin Root Activities bundle to create their own short narrative. 

Seeing the vocabulary words come alive in their own stories can help cement the word meaning. Students can illustrate stories or even read them aloud on Flipgrid or Zoom (for distance learners). There are so many possibilities to engage and interact with Greek and Latin Root Activities!

These 5 Greek and Latin Root Activities & games will help your students learn word meanings and develop strong vocabulary while engaging your students during both in-person and distance learning!

If you are looking for other techniques to strengthen student vocabulary be sure to check out Teaching Vocabulary So Students Really Learn It to find out more!

5 greek and latin activities pin - 5 Greek and Latin Root Activities


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