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Vocabulary Strategies for Struggling Readers

Implementing strategic planning in teaching vocabulary will allow students to have a better understanding of language, reading, and comprehension. Read more as I share four important vocabulary strategies to help struggling readers!  Four Components of Vocabulary It’s important to align teaching strategies to reflect the four major categories of vocabulary:

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5 Greek and Latin Root Activities

When it comes to learning vocabulary words, word parts are where it’s at! Greek and Latin Root words are the basis for so many words in the English language. Students that understand Greek and Latin roots are more likely to score higher on standardized assessments. Vocabulary acquisition also helps reading

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5 Vocabulary Activities & Games your Students will Love

Teaching vocabulary doesn’t have to be a dull routine with the right vocabulary activities. I’ve already shared some simple steps for teaching vocabulary so that students retain it. The last of these steps is to engage your students in playing with the vocabulary words. My favorite way to do that

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Teaching Vocabulary so students learn

How to Teach Vocabulary in Fun & Effective Ways

Teaching vocabulary is a vital component of instruction at every grade level and in all subject areas. Unfortunately, many teachers don’t feel confident that the methods they’re using to teach vocabulary are truly the best way to teach these new vocabulary words to students. Fortunately, when it comes to how

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A Few of My Favorite… Year-long resources!

It’s been forever since I posted! I’ve been so busy with blog designs and the next installment of my my Morphology Unit, I just haven’t had the time. I’m excited to be linking up today with Teaching Trio, my collaborative blog, to share three of my favorite things. I love

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