20 Inviting Narrative Writing Example Prompts for Upper Elementary Students

Narrative writing is pivotal in developing essential skills for upper elementary students. Not only does it nurture creativity and imagination, but it also hones language proficiency and critical thinking abilities. This blog post explores the significance of narrative writing in children’s education, defines the concept, highlights its lifelong applications, and provides 20 engaging narrative writing example prompts for teachers to use in the classroom.

Narrative writing example prompts for kids.

Understanding Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is a form of storytelling that involves crafting a sequence of events or experiences. At the upper elementary level, students are introduced to more complex structures, character development, and the use of descriptive language. This skill not only aids in effective communication but also lays the groundwork for future academic and professional success.

Lifelong Applications of Narrative Writing

Narrative writing skills acquired in elementary school prove invaluable throughout life. Adults frequently use this form of communication in various contexts, such as job applications, personal statements, and even business proposals. It is a tool for effective expression, enabling individuals to convey ideas coherently and engagingly.

How to Write a Narrative Piece at the Upper Elementary Level

I know when I first started teaching, I wasn’t sure how to help students structure their writing pieces. It took some time to find our groove and decide how to format our writing. Through the help of other teachers, and plenty of trial and error, I found a simple layout works best. Here’s what we often use!


  • Begin with a captivating hook or an intriguing question to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Introduce the characters, setting, and the central theme of the narrative.


  • Develop a clear sequence of events, ensuring a logical flow.
  • Use descriptive language to vividly picture characters, places, and events.
  • Encourage students to incorporate dialogue to enhance character interactions.
  • Build tension or excitement by incorporating conflict and resolution elements.


  • Provide a satisfying resolution to the story.
  • Reflect on the central theme or lesson learned.

You can also check out my Narrative Writing Roll and Write Game to keep things fun!

20 Narrative Writing Example Prompts

Getting started may seem like a chore, but once you start diving into prompts that students grab onto, it’s easy! Use some of these narrative writing example prompts to get going. You’ll find yourself creating more prompts that pertain to your classroom of students in no time!

  • Describe a day in the life of a time-traveling explorer.
  • Write about an unexpected adventure during a family vacation.
  • Invent a character with a unique superpower and narrate a day in their life.
  • Recount a memorable encounter with a mythical creature.
  • Explore a day in the shoes of a historical figure you admire.
  • Describe a mysterious hidden world discovered in your backyard.
  • Write about a day when everyone’s wishes suddenly came true.
  • Narrate a thrilling experience during a school field trip.
  • Create a story about a magical object that grants wishes.
  • Describe a day spent inside your favorite book or movie.
  • Write about an unexpected friendship between two unlikely characters.
  • Explore a world where animals can talk and interact with humans.
  • Narrate a day in the life of a robot with human-like emotions.
  • Describe a time when you faced a difficult decision and its consequences.
  • Write about a futuristic world where technology has solved all problems.
  • Explore the challenges and triumphs of a character who travels back in time.
  • Narrate a day in the life of a detective solving a mysterious case.
  • Create a story about a community of talking animals working together.
  • Write about a day in the life of an astronaut exploring a distant planet.
  • Describe a magical journey through a hidden portal in your neighborhood.
  • Narrate a day when everyone’s favorite toy came to life.

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These narrative writing example prompts will excite students and get them thinking! You will also love Weekly Narrative Writing Prompts to create a routine in the classroom.

Narrative writing not only enhances linguistic skills but also nurtures creativity and critical thinking. By introducing upper elementary students to this form of expression, educators pave the way for a lifetime of effective communication and imaginative exploration. The provided narrative writing example prompts serve as a starting point for teachers to inspire their students’ creativity and foster a love for storytelling.

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Narrative writing example prompts for kids in the classroom.

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