60 Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

Writing amazing descriptions are what makes movies, books, plays, and games so much fun. Without adequate descriptions, they wouldn’t be very interesting. Teaching kids to write with tons of descriptions takes time and energy. Instead of using your brainpower to come up with fun, descriptive writing prompts, try using these 60 prompts that kids will love. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to sign up to have a PRINTABLE list of all prompt ideas emailed directly to you!

Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

Describing Personal Events – Fiction or Nonfiction

Use these descriptive writing prompts to let students reflect on their past and future. They will love sharing their lives with the class and using descriptive writing to do so.

  1. Describe the most interesting person you have ever met.
  2. Talk about a person you envy in detail. What do they look like or what do they have.
  3. Describe an inspirational friend or family member.
  4. Tell us about a place you love to visit with plenty of detail.
  5. Think of your favorite sport or hobby. Describe an object you would use to play that sport or do that hobby.
  6. Tell us about the first time you rode a bicycle.
  7. Imagine you are on a walk or hike, tell us all about it.
  8. Describe your favorite happy memory.
  9. What are you like first thing in the morning? Describe it.
  10. Detail your favorite outfit. Why do you love it so much?
  11. Describe your own face and what makes you unique.
  12. What type of music makes you happy? Talk about it in detail.
  13. Describe a time you felt excited.
  14. Tell us about a time something totally unexpected happened.
  15. Describe the house you currently live in (or one you grew up in).
Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

Describing Hypothetical Scenarios

Hypothetical scenarios are super fun to write about. They are a great tool for descriptive writing prompts because they let kids use their imagination a little bit.

  1. Pretend you came across a spooky place or haunted mansion. Tell us what you see and hear.
  2. You’re at the art museum. Talk about a piece you see there. It can be a sculpture, painting, or something else.
  3. You found a lucky object, describe it to us.
  4. Invent a pet you’ve never had and tell us about it.
  5. Write about a day at the beach using all five senses.
  6. Tell us about a trip to an amusement park using all five senses.
  7. You’re at the zoo! What do you see and hear?
  8. Imagine you wake up in the hospital. What would you see and hear? What would you do?
  9. You have to describe Thanksgiving to an alien. How would you tell them what it is?
  10. It’s a snow day! Talk about what you experienced.
  11. Tell a time traveler what a smartphone is!
  12. Imagine you meet someone famous! Who are they and how is your experience?
  13. Describe a peaceful place you’ve visited or made up.
  14. Your birthday party is crashed by all sorts of birds! What’s it like?
  15. Monkeys took over your kitchen to bake a pie. What’s inside?
Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

Describing Food and Other Objects

Food is the perfect way to describe things in our writing. These descriptive writing prompts allow kids to write about the good and bad of food, as well as other objects.

  1. Your parents served the worst vegetable ever for dinner. Describe it in detail.
  2. Your sister brought in something nasty from outside. What is it? Tell us all about it.
  3. The best dessert ever is __________. Tell us how it tastes.
  4. How is your favorite food made? Use tons of details using the senses.
  5. How would you describe a field of green grass?
  6. Tell us what you would do in a field of wildflowers on a summer’s day.
  7. Describe a normal trip to the grocery store. Walk us through the whole trip.
  8. What is your least favorite meal? Use details to describe why that is.
  9. Tell us about your favorite drink. Talk about the color, the taste, and whether it’s hot or cold.
  10. Something in the trash stinks. What is it?
  11. You wake up and smell something amazing coming from the kitchen. Tell us what you smell.
  12. You’re having a campfire with your friends. Describe what you see, hear, smell, and taste.
  13. What is the most disgusting food you have ever tried?
  14. You accidentally ate dog food! What’s it taste like?
  15. Your mom poured you a glass of sour milk on accident! Describe it.
Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

Random Descriptive Writing Prompts

Use these random descriptive writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing in the classroom. Some are silly and some are more serious, but they will all help build students’ writing skills.

  1. Do you think using descriptive writing is important?
  2. Describe your bed sheets, pillows, and other objects in your room.
  3. Tell us about your favorite day. Talk about the weather, what you would wear, where you would go, etc.
  4. Describe the Fourth of July to someone with tons of detail.
  5. Walk us through a typical day at school. What might you see, hear, smell, and do?
  6. Pick your favorite teacher and describe them in detail.
  7. Use tons of descriptive words to describe a sunset!
  8. Pick a classmate in the room and write about their best qualities.
  9. Write a descriptive story using these 3 things: a whole pizza pie, a bucket of slugs, and a pack of wolves.
  10. Write about how it would feel to sit in the hot summer covered in a blanket.
  11. Tell us how you imagine it would feel to be trapped in a giant freezer.
  12. Describe a place you have dreamed about that doesn’t exist.
  13. Tell us about a trip to the dentist gone wrong!
  14. Write about something that makes you laugh.
  15. Tell us about something that annoys you. It could be the sound of someone chewing, noises on the chalkboard, etc.
Descriptive Writing Prompts for the Classroom

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