20+ Opinion Writing Examples to Get Your Class Started Strong

Opinion writing is a crucial skill for upper elementary students to master as it not only fosters effective communication but also encourages critical thinking and self-expression. This form of writing allows students to articulate their thoughts, beliefs, and judgments in a structured manner. It also lays the foundation for persuasive writing, an essential skill in various aspects of life. If you are looking for opinion writing examples, continue reading below for some great ideas.

opinion writing examples for kids

By engaging in opinion writing, students learn to defend their viewpoints with logical reasoning and supporting evidence, honing their persuasive abilities. This skill is not only valuable in academic settings but also in real-world scenarios where effective communication is key.

How to Write an Opinion Piece

Most teachers know how to write an opinion piece, but a reminder doesn’t hurt. Follow these steps to help students write in a meaningful and organized way. Drafting their responses to opinion writing examples will help with the process.

  1. Choose a Strong Topic: Begin by selecting a topic that sparks interest and passion. Encourage students to pick subjects they feel strongly about, as this will make the writing process more engaging and authentic.
  2. Develop a Clear Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is the backbone of any opinion piece. It should clearly express the writer’s stance on the chosen topic. Teach students to craft a concise and compelling thesis that encapsulates their main argument.
  3. Provide Supporting Reasons: Instruct students to offer at least three strong reasons supporting their opinion. These reasons should be well-reasoned, backed by evidence, and presented in a logical order.
  4. Include Counterarguments: Foster critical thinking by encouraging students to address potential counterarguments. This not only strengthens their position but also demonstrates an awareness of opposing viewpoints.
  5. Organize Ideas Logically: Emphasize the importance of organizing thoughts in a clear and logical sequence. Teach students to use transition words and phrases to ensure a smooth flow between paragraphs.
  6. Use Descriptive Language: Encourage the use of vivid language to make the writing more engaging. Help students choose descriptive adjectives and strong verbs to convey their opinions effectively.
  7. Conclude Effectively: The conclusion should summarize the main points and restate the thesis in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Remind students to end on a strong note, leaving the reader with something to ponder.

Use Weekly Opinion Writing Prompts

Get your kids into the habit of writing on a weekly basis. Give them writing prompts and let them work on the pieces throughout the week. I have printable and digital Weekly Writing Prompts that kids will enjoy. They make your life easier too!

20 Opinion Writing Examples for Upper Elementary Students

Want a fun list you can use with your students as they begin their opinion writing pieces? Sometimes teachers and students need a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Here is a brief list of prompts that might spark some creativity in the classroom.

  1. Should students have homework every night?
  2. Is it better to read a book or watch a movie?
  3. Should schools have a longer summer break?
  4. Are video games beneficial or harmful to children?
  5. Should pets be allowed in school?
  6. Is it important to eat breakfast every day?
  7. Should students be allowed to choose their own books for required reading?
  8. Is technology making people more or less connected?
  9. Should students wear uniforms to school?
  10. Are zoos ethical or not?
  11. Should junk food be banned in schools?
  12. Is it better to be an only child or have siblings?
  13. Should students be graded on their handwriting?
  14. Is it better to be a night owl or an early bird?
  15. Should students have a say in school rules?
  16. Are superheroes good role models for children?
  17. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  18. Is it important for kids to learn a second language?
  19. Should students have a part-time job during the school year?
  20. Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?

Encourage your students to explore these opinion writing examples, express their opinions, and master the art of opinion writing. By providing them with a platform to voice their thoughts, you’re not just teaching writing skills but also fostering a lifelong ability to articulate ideas effectively.

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I hope you enjoy these opinion writing examples, and they get the juices flowing during the writing process.

opinion writing examples for kids - upper elementary

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