11 Fun Review Games for Upper Elementary

I want you to picture this. The spring weather is here, and kids just want to be outside. When they’re in the classroom, they’re squirrely and need extra motivation to stay on task. How do you keep their attention so they can review important concepts without boring them? The answer: review games! Review games are a super fun way to get kids excited to learn about and review skills in the classroom.

Not sure which review games kids will enjoy? There are tons of games you can customize and make your own. Here are 11 fun review games you can use with your upper elementary students as they get ready for tests, quizzes, or the end of the year!

Review games for upper elementary

Bluff is a Fun Review Game

This is a fun game to test kids’ knowledge of a topic. Have all of the kids sit down and ask them a question. Students who know the answer should stand up. Students who don’t know can opt to stand up as well and see if they can trick others into thinking they also know. The teacher (or a student) chooses someone they think might be bluffing. If they can’t provide the answer, they are out. If they get the answer right, they get a point for their team.

Math Card Games

Try math card games to get kids into learning about their math skills. These games include everything from math solitaire to race to 100. Kids really enjoy card games because they have fun without realizing they are learning! That’s the best type of learning.

Playing math card games in the upper elementary classroom

Place Value Games

A super fun way to review math concepts, especially place value, involves board games. The games can be placed in math centers or played with partners. Check out these fun board game ideas and use them to review before a test, quiz, or the end of the year.

Play Hangman

This is the perfect review game to work on vocabulary words. Have the kids guess the letters of the word. Once they have figured out the word, have them write down the definition for extra practice. Use games like these during dismissal or when you have extra time during math or literacy block.

Practice Fractions with Games

Use math fraction games to work on complicated math skills in the classroom. These review games are fun to have on hand after finishing up a fraction unit or getting ready for a test.

Improper fractions into Mixed numbers memory game

Review Games on Whiteboards

Mini whiteboards are wonderful classroom tools if you have them on hand. Give each student a whiteboard and a marker (and an eraser or sock) and ask them questions. Have them write their answers on the boards and turn them over so no one can see. Once everyone has an answer, have the kids hold up their whiteboards to reveal and see who got it right. This can also be turned into a team game.

Digital Math Dice Games

Digital games are very popular! Practice concepts with dice using technology. Kids love working on the computer, so why not give them a few digital options?

Use Hot Potato to Review

All you need for this review game is a list of questions and answers and a potato (or a ball). Have the kids sit in a circle and pass the ball around. Play some music, and when the music stops, the kid holding the ball has to answer a question. If they answer incorrectly, they are out. If they are right, the music and play continue.

Grammar Games

Grammar is an important skill for students to master as they head into the end of the year. These grammar games are an exciting way to work on nouns, verbs, and more. Kids can play with partners or a small group during literacy centers and review times.

Play an Escape Game

Escape games are all the rage, and kids love them! Give them some fun escape games to practice math and literacy skills with your students. There are so many fun ways to motivate students to learn and review concepts in the classroom.

escape games as review games

Use Jeopardy as Review Games

This is a classic review game in the classroom. Just write topics on one side of a bunch of notecards and a question on the other side. Display the cards (the topic side showing) on a board with point values for each. Ask the kids questions, and if they get it right, they get the points for their team. Make sure you write the answers down as you are prepping the cards.

Use these review games to work on important skills in the upper elementary classroom. Check out all of the games above, as well as the fun resources you can purchase and download from my shop. Using entertaining games will help students with their knowledge and confidence as they learn about new things. Have fun learning!

11 review games for upper elementary

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