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fun thought-provoking questions to ask students

33 Fun Thought-Provoking Questions to Use with Students

Conversations are a fantastic way to get to know your students. Sure, the daily academic tasks are important, but students thrive on becoming part of a community! Having meaningful conversations with their peers and teachers makes them incredibly happy. How do you start those important conversations, though? Use fun thought-provoking

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Review games for upper elementary

11 Fun Review Games for Upper Elementary

I want you to picture this. The spring weather is here, and kids just want to be outside. When they’re in the classroom, they’re squirrely and need extra motivation to stay on task. How do you keep their attention so they can review important concepts without boring them? The answer:

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Tips for Small Group reading Times

Simple Tips for Small Group Reading & How to Implement Them

Small group lessons are an extremely important piece of a student’s reading success. Through efficient small group reading lessons, students will improve their independent reading skills, but how do they get there? It’s up to you as their teacher to implement best practices as you organize small groups of students

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