5 Engaging Place Value Games for the Classroom

Are you trying to find some fun place value games that are easy to incorporate into your classroom activities? I have a list of 5 fun games you will love using with your students. Some of these games can be purchased in the store and others are available in my shop. They are all super simple to use and make great activities for fast finishers. Take a look at the place value games below!

5 Engaging Place Value Games

Greater Than, Less Than

This colorful place value board game is a great review for upper elementary or a good starting base while discussing greater than, less than, and equal to. The game uses 120 color-coded cards to practice number values within 2-digit and 3-digit numbers.

The board game features an alligator, so of course, students will place the card to eat the greater number. The numbers are represented in different forms so students are able to practice recognizing numbers written or built.

Greater Than, Less Than is one of many fantastic place value games for review. Kids love playing it just for fun as well! Place it in math centers or put it out for those fast finishers who need something to do.

5 Engaging Place Value Games

Place Value Mystery House

This board game is a class favorite! The kids love the mystery element as well as the spooky house. The kids have to take turns drawing cards and solving the place value problem to advance. Their goal is to reach a chest filled with gold.

This game is great because the kids don’t just move around the board, they also write their numbers down. This reinforces their understanding of place value when it comes to ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place. Students also have to work on addition and subtraction to work out the problems.

Place Value Mystery House is a wonderful game to have on hand for your upper elementary students! Add this to your place value games collection.

5 Engaging Place Value Games

Rise and Shine Card Game

This simple card game is a great one to have in your math centers. Students will grab it to play with a partner or a small group. Students have to look at their cards to solve the place value problems through addition and subtraction problems. The problems are represented in a number of ways, which is great for building those skills.

There is a deck that goes up to one thousand as well as a deck that goes up to one million. Place the deck out that your students can handle. The kids have to work together to ask and identify place value. What’s great about this game is that answer keys are provided for the students if they get stumped. This means one less thing for you to worry about!

Rise and Shine is a simple game to set in centers or to use during small group interventions when working with place value games.

5 Engaging Place Value Games

Super Score Place Value Game

Let your kids collect points by solving place value problems in this fast-paced game. Students will also be able to practice their adding and subtracting skills using rounding activities. The cards are formatted to give students multiple-choice questions to answer.

This is the perfect game to use during whole group practice. Have students quickly write or hold up fingers to show their answer. This will allow you to get a quick gauge on which students are grasping the concept and which may need more help.

Super Score Place Value isn’t the more exciting game but it’s a great resource to have in your upper elementary classroom.

5 Engaging Place Value Games

Place Value Mats & Printable Blocks

Having materials to record place value is so important. Many students learn well from writing their answers and thoughts down. These Place Value Mats are the perfect resources to have on hand while you teach your math lessons. Students are able to use them in small groups, while playing games, or completing their work.

There are also printable base ten blocks that are easy to laminate and keep on hand. Give each student their own set to use around the room or print a few sets to store in bins. They’re convenient when your school doesn’t supply any place value resources.

5 Engaging Place Value Games

Use a combination of these engaging resources to practice place value with your students. They will love the fun place value games as well as the place value mats. These games offer a variety of ways to help students with their math skills. I hope you enjoy learning and playing with your class!

5 Engaging Place Value Games

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