4 Easy Games to Practice Fractions in Math

For many students, math can be a very boring and challenging task to complete. Whether students are completing the basics of addition and subtraction or completing higher-level topics such as working with fractions in math, one can agree that they can be tricky skills to tackle. One way to make math more fun is to throw in engaging activities and games whenever possible! Math games are the perfect activity to add to your centers, small group interventions, or partner work times. Keep reading as I share with you some of my favorite math games to play with resources you already have!

4 Easy Fractions Math Games

1. Math Card Games for the Classroom

One of the simplest ways to practice math skills in the classroom is to use a deck of cards. No longer are “Go Fish!” and “Old Maid” the only games kids can play. Maybe you’ve played the game “War” before with friends or family…well, guess what? Students can play that same game in the classroom with one another! Simply put a twist on how to play by turning it into a partner challenge and kids will be begging for more.

Give students the opportunity to “fight it out in a fraction war” and watch their learning drastically improve. Have partners flip over 2 cards each. The first card becomes the numerator while the second card becomes the denominator. Determine whose fraction is the largest and the winner gets to keep all 4 cards!

Play Fraction War using a Deck of Cards.
Students will love practicing their fractions in math using this War-style game.

You can also play this same math game using pre-made fraction cards included in this math card game resource made for quick & easy center games. Students won’t even know they are working on math skills because they will be so focused on how much fun they are having! The possibilities are endless for using a deck of cards to review or reinforce math skills in the classroom!

2. Digital Math Games

Everyone has a set of dice lying around! Whether you are wanting to complete digital math games using tangible dice or virtual dice, students will love the fact that these games are so hands-on. Using dice to practice math facts is one sure way to boost the level of fun for these foundational skills. Much like the card games mentioned above, students participate in “war” style games to enhance the level of competitiveness!

Practice fractions in math as well as other math skills.
The digital aspect of this math game makes planning and lessons so easy.

Whether students are practicing adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing fractions “throwing in” some dice can make a big difference. For example, take these easy digital dice games into consideration. Not only are they quick to prep and assign to students in Google Slides, but there are also differentiated options for each game so students can choose their level of difficulty!

Students can sit side by side to play the fractions math game or work virtually if needed. By using Google Slides, students can collaborate very easily. In this specific, there are 23 different digital games to choose from. They are easy to implement in the classroom or as distance learning.

3. Fractions Math Escape Game

Have you ever done an escape room? There’s a time limit and the thrill of completing the tasks as a team in order to escape is so exciting! The different tasks may include puzzles, solving problems, brainstorming using your teammates, or figuring out riddles. They range in difficulty but are always so much fun to complete. Apply this idea to kids learning new skills and you have a recipe for success! Their motivation to complete the task will push them to practice the skills at hand.

Your students can experience the same type of thrill and practice their fractions in math using Math Escape Games. In this exciting escape game, students work collaboratively to solve the fraction and decimal skill questions. Every time they answer one correctly, it unlocks another question until they finally reach the end. It’s always so much fun to watch students working together to solve the fractions in math.

Math Escape Games for the classroom
The Escape Games can be organized in locked boxes, envelopes, or any variety of creative ways.

To set up this activity, you will need locking boxes or envelopes to separate the questions. There are so many ways to “lock” up the questions if you get creative. In these games, students will practice adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions by a whole number, adding and subtracting decimals, making change, and problem-solving.

Students will love working together to “escape” your classroom by solving fun fractions math problems.

4. Multiplying Whole Numbers & Fractions Math Escape Game

Escape room boxes can be made out of pretty much anything. Use old shoe boxes and a variety of locks, seal a handful of envelopes with the clues inside, or purchase plastic boxes like the ones below that you can reuse in the classroom. The kids will love completing an activity other than another worksheet! Not to mention, it’s a great collaborative experience. Pair students with pre-selected groups or let them choose their teams. Add a level of accountability by letting them choose teams they believe they can work well with.

If your students enjoyed their first escape room activity, they will love taking it up a notch with this next set! In this fun “escape” game, students will work together to escape the classroom by multiplying fractions by a whole number. Every time they get an answer correct, they get to unlock another box or open another envelope that reveals a new challenge. Once they complete all of the fractions math activities correctly, their escape is complete.

Students can practice their math skills using these fun escape games.
Students have to work together to solve the math problems and unlock all of their boxes.

This is the perfect math game to use to promote collaboration and of course some fun! Whether students are working on multiplying fractions by whole numbers or problem-solving with fractions, these escape games will be a hit.

Want ready to use fraction games? Check these out below!

Fraction Games Your Students Will Love

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These math games are low prep, fun to play, and help students with their fractions, multiplication, and more in math. Enjoy using a variety of these games and watch your students master their math facts across the board.

4 Easy Fractions Math Games

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