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Teaching Opinion writing for kids

Teaching Opinion Writing for Kids

Opinion writing is such a fun way for kids to express themselves. They can write opinion pieces about almost anything! Opinion writing can stem from prompts, and mentor texts, and they even evolve into persuasive writing. Want to learn how to use mentor texts and fun prompts to keep your

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Narrative Paragraph Writing

How To Improve Paragraph Writing Through Fun Narratives

Paragraph writing is a complex skill that can sometimes take years of practice. Writing is an academic skill that is an important topic to teach our students! There are so many types of writing styles, and until students find one they love they may resist completing their work. Writing narratives

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Informative Paragraph Writing Prompts

The Best Informative Paragraph Writing with Mentor Texts

How many of your students enjoy paragraph writing? Odds are, many of them don’t choose writing as their favorite subject when asked. Writing is a difficult subject to teach because students have varying writing styles and skillsets. Through my years of teaching, I have found that providing students with a

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