5 Inviting Back to School Activities Kids Will Love

As students enter the classroom on those first days of school, have some exciting activities ready for them. Incorporating funny and relatable activities will allow them to settle in nicely and develop a relationship with you as the teacher. Use a combination of whole group, small group, and independent activities that allow students to understand the framework of the classroom and to have fun. Check out these great back to school activities and watch your students bloom quickly during those first few weeks.

Back to School Activities Kids Will Love

Back to School Read Alouds

One of the best ways to start a new school year is with some amazing books. Books are a wonderful way to help students get engaged and take their minds off of missing mom and dad. There are so many activities you can do with kids after reading a story. Not to mention, most kids LOVE storytime.

Check out these 6 Back to School Read Alouds that will excite students and introduce them to the new classroom atmosphere. These books are classics and all have a new year theme. Even if your kids have read them before, it’s fun to re-read and see what they may have missed the first time.

Back to School Activities Kids Will Love

You may also like these Must-Have Back to School Books! These are geared toward 5th grade students but are all incredibly fun for all ages. Use all of these titles for fun back to school activities kids will love.

Back to School Roll & Write

Heading back to the classroom is overwhelming enough. Getting students back into the habit of writing well may take time. Add a fun writing center activity like these Roll and Write Story Maps to help get kids excited about writing again. Students roll the dice to create silly stories and get their creative juices flowing as they put pencil to paper.

The simple and fun back to school activities will remind students how fun writing truly is. These printables were created for distance learning but are just as easy to use in the classroom. Let the kids help you create the back-to-school themed dice and then get to work.

Try my Fall Roll and Write Story Maps as well. I have plenty of sets to get you through the year.

Inviting Classroom Rules and Routines Slideshow

Kids are all about memes and things they see on the internet. Why not introduce them to the new classroom rules and routines using hilarious memes they will recognize? The kids will find it hilarious to be told what they can and cannot do using silly sentences.

Check out the Classroom Procedures Powerpoint with Memes and show students that the classroom is a fun place to be. They are the perfect back to school activities to do as a whole group during the first week or two of class. Everything is written out for you, but feel free to add your own slides as needed.

Use Back to School Escape Games

A super fun way to encourage collaboration and teamwork is to assign your new students back to school activities like an escape game. Students will work on review material to solve the problems together. It’s a wonderful way to get to know their peers and to have a little fun. Everything is planned out for you, just follow the instructions and have fun!

Back to School Activities Kids Will Love

Read about How to Use Escape Games for Differentiation and check out all of the math escape games I have to offer. Kids will love using these all year long. They’re always so proud of themselves when they complete a task together.

Indoor Recess Alternatives to Save the Day

One thing some teachers don’t think of before starting a new year is what to do on rainy days when you can’t go outside. Some kids are content just sitting and reading or coloring, but other classes require a little more interaction.

Try some of these fun Indoor Recess Ideas next time you encounter a rainy day. There’s a variety of activities including GoNoodle Dances and Movement, Drawing Exercises, Would Your Rather, and Four Corners. Plus tons more! These back to school activities will be great to have in your back pocket as the year goes on.

Hopefuly some of these fun back to school activities will peak your interest and keep kids engaged during the first few weeks of school. Keep them on hand for rainy days or to encourage strong classroom community. Happy Back to School!

Back to School Activities Kids Will Love