3 Ways to Survive Curriculum Night

It’s that time of year again as educators prep their classrooms for a new round of amazing students. It’s hectic trying to figure out what information to give parents without bombarding them. You have tons that you need to get from them and trying to stay organized in doing so is a headache. Here are some easy tips on how to survive curriculum night, especially if this is your first one!

3 Ways to Survive Curriculum Night

Make a List to Stay Organized on Curriculum Night

If you work in the school system, there is probably a long list of items and information that you need to get from parents before students enter your classroom. Making a written list will often alleviate any stress you have. You will be able to check things off as you collect them. Here are a few things you may have to collect from students and families.

  • BYOD (bring your own device) paperwork
  • Handbook signatures
  • Student transportation information
  • Allergy and medication paperwork
  • Immunization forms
  • Parent contact information

These are just a few things that might be on your list. Depending on your school and your needs, your list may be shorter or longer. Make your list on a notepad or type it out in a spreadsheet so you can check them off as each student returns them.

3 Ways to Survive Curriculum Night

In the past, I have heard of teachers using Google Forms to collect information on curriculum night or meet the teacher night. Set out some devices with a Google Form that parents can fill out right on the spot. You’ll be able to collect transportation information as well as other important notes right there without chasing them down.

Prep Your Parent Handouts Before Curriculum Night

The first day of school will involve sending students home with tons of information. Instead of leaving it in a child’s hand, try printing out all the important paperwork you need parents to have and give it to them in person on curriculum night.

Some of these documents might include:

Meet the Teacher Packet with information about yourself – be sure to include your favorites so students know what you like when holidays and Teacher appreciation roll around.

  • Daily Schedules
  • School contact information
  • Calendar for the month/year
  • School supply lists
  • What to bring on the first day

Parents will appreciate being given these items in person. It will assure they get them and they aren’t left in student backpacks for weeks on end while you hunt them down.

3 Ways to Survive Curriculum Night

Try These Premade Back to School Resources

Still not sure what to prep or need a place to start? I have you covered with this Back to School Bundle.

This Back to School Mega Bundle includes my best-selling back-to-school resources at a special discount! You’ll be ready for Meet the Teacher Night, Open House, Substitutes, and the First Day of School in a flash with these Back to School organization resources!

What’s included:

  • Back to School Flipbook – Back to School Class Information in a format that parents will actually read and keep instead of throwing away!
  • Substitute Flipbook – Put must-know info at your substitute’s fingertips in a flash!
  • Emergency Procedures Flipbook – All your emergency procedures in one handy place!
  • Digital Back to School Flipbook – A digital version of the back-to-school flipbook that you can share on your class website.
  • Digital Student Info Forms for Back to School – Take your Back to School forms paperless with digital forms for Google Drive: Includes Student Information, About Your Child, Technology Survey, and Volunteer Request forms.
  • Curriculum Map Planning Calendar – Start the year with a solid curriculum plan! FULLY editable in PowerPoint.
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  • Open House Presentation & Forms – Feel prepared and organized on Open House night with an easy-to-edit PowerPoint file and printable Open House forms.
  • Instant, Editable Labels for Student Notebooks & Folders – Type your student info once on the main roster, and this resource instantly makes a class set of over 40 different labels for your students’ notebooks, journals, & folders.
  • Instant Editable Gradebook & Class List Maker – Let this editable, autofill grade book & class list generator get you organized in a snap! Type once & over 35 custom grade book pages & class lists are instantly created for you.
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Everything included is editable so that you can customize each resource to fit your classroom’s needs. Fonts are embedded in PDFs for easy editing. Fonts in PowerPoint files are embedded for PC users, but Mac users may need to install (FREE) fonts.

3 Ways to Survive Curriculum Night

Utilize these ideas for an easy back-to-school curriculum night this year!