5 Amazing End of Year Activities to Keep Students Engaged

The end of the year is upon us and kids are losing steam in the classroom. They’re excited about summer, being outside, and staying up late with friends. Let me share some fun end of year activities you can use to keep students on task as you round out the school year!

End of Year Activities

1. End of Year Editable Awards

Every student has something AMAZING to share with the world. Over the course of the year, I’m sure you’ve seen all of their traits and characteristics and figured out how they can use them on a daily basis. Showcase these awesome qualities by presenting students with class superlatives. It’s one of many fun end of year activities that kids will thoroughly enjoy.

Print the awards on colorful paper to make them even more exciting! Kids will love receiving them at end of year graduations and celebrations. Another way to distribute them is to award just a few a day in the last week or two of school. It gives the kids something to look forward to each day.

End of Year Activities

Make your own or use my End of Year Editable Awards to make each child feel special.

2. A to Z Countdown to Summer End of Year Activities

In the last 26 days, it would be super fun to have a theme for each day. Each day has a theme that’s tied to a letter of the alphabet. Some of the activities in my A to Z Countdown to Summer include:

  • A – All about me (students make all about me books)
  • Q – Quiz show day (we will play a quiz show review game to show our skills)
  • I – Ice cream day (we will have a special treat)
  • O – Outside day (bring a blanket or towel and we will do work outside)
  • F – Friendship day (no seating chart, sit with your friends today)

The kids will absolutely love looking forward to each day’s activities. Some are more involved than others, but they are all exciting in their own way. If you don’t reveal the whole alphabet, have kids guess what each letter might represent!

End of Year Activities

3. End of Year Morning Trivia

As kids enter the room, they’re always abuzz with fun things they are going to be doing over the summer. Get them excited for some fun Morning Trivia! Kids love learning about random facts, so trivia to start the day is a great way to finish the year.

These morning trivia cards get students thinking about what SPF means, where snow cones were first made popular at, where the next summer Olympics might take place, and much more! These end of year activities are perfect for heading into summer or any time of year.

End of Year Activities

4. End of Year Classroom Packing Task Cards

The end of each year comes with its fair share of organizing, cleaning, and packing. Whether you are just tidying up before leaving your room for the summer or switching rooms, you’ll be doing some cleaning up. May as well take advantage of students who want to help. I’m always amazed at how much students want to help out in the classroom. Use some fun end of year activities that get kids moving and helping.

During the last few days of school, put out EOY Classroom Packing Task Cards for students to grab when they are finished with their work. Have kids help with organizing shelves, recycling old papers, retiring games, and activities that are too worn, etc. If they are happy to help with erasing sharpie from name tags and you don’t have to lift a finger, it’s a win-win!

5. End of Year Bundle

The end of the year means grading, organizing, finishing up IEPs, meetings, and celebrations. Lessons are still happening, but there’s more time for fun. That fun can only be enjoyed if you have everything set up and ready to go.

This End of Year Bundle includes all of the end of year activities mentioned above at a discounted price. By purchasing the bundle, you will save money and get everything you need to end the year with a bang!

Grab these amazing resources to make your end of year celebrations, festivities, and daily routines flow smoothly!

End of Year Activities

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