Tech Thursday {Ad-Free YouTube Videos}

Hi everyone! I’m double-posting today, here and at Teaching Trio and linking up for this week’s Technology Thursday Website linky with a quick post about a favorite website I use so that I can show YouTube videos in class and still keep my job!


I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when we pulled up a perfectly safe, educationally relevant YouTube video during class and were bombarded by oh-so-inappropriate-for-school ads that come up before the videos. Sure, after 3 seconds you can click “skip,” but that is the longest 3 seconds EVER when something embarassing comes up! (I speak from VERY recent experience. Just trust me. It was an ad for a movie…the traumatic experience has wiped the title from my brain, but I can assure you it’s R rated!)

Anyway, I have a quick and easy fix for this uber-embarassing problem, and it’s my website of the week!

What it is:

Why I love it: It removes all of the ads and other “related” videos from your YouTube link. I mean everything. You’re left with a clean grey background and just your chosen video!

How I use it: It’s the easiest thing ever… Just go to YouTube and copy the URL (in the address bar) of the video you want to show in class. Then go to and paste the link in. Click “Generate Safe Link” and a link will appear below the button.

You can click “Customize View” to change some of the player options.

You can even trim the video to just the parts you want to show by clicking the red “Full” beside Play length!

Then just be sure to save the SafeShare link instead of the YouTube link in your plans or your favorites so that you can access it again later! It really couldn’t be easier!

Head over to Teaching Trio to see some more favorite websites, including one I love to use for non-fiction, high-interest leveled texts!


Happy Teaching, Kristen