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Stress-Free Tools for Classroom Organization

Classroom organization is one thing that brings much stress for many teachers! Anything you can bring into your life and your classroom to help alleviate some of that stress is welcome, right? With so many resources being online this year, keeping up with all the passwords is nearly impossible! Use

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Technology Tips and Tricks for Teachers

Technology is supposed to make your life easier in the classroom, not be another thing to learn on your list. During this time of distance learning and online education, there are so many different apps, sites, and technology tools you can use for yourself and your students. These technology tips

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Online Writing Activities for Distance Learning

Now more than ever, it’s so important to provide activities for your students to do online across content areas. Some of your students may be learning at home, so these online writing activities for distance learning will make sure all of your students get the writing instruction and practice they

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teach coding for kids

Teach Coding in the Elementary Grades

It’s no secret that coding for kids is all the educational rage right now. It teaches important technical skills many of our students will need in their future jobs. But it’s not just about computer science, coding, and robotics. Teaching elementary students to code teaches them problem solving skills in

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FREE Websites for Reading Centers in Upper Elementary

Using fun reading websites can be a big motivator for students during reading centers. Students love practicing reading skills online since it often feels like fun instead of work. You’ll love that many of these reading websites make it easy for teachers to set up the center and let them

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32 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Users

  Keyboard shortcuts are an incredible time-saver for anyone who works on a computer. A few months ago, I finally decided to switch to a Mac after being a lifetime PC girl. I have to say, I’m loving it, but it was a little bit of an adjustment. One of

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