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Fun activities for growth mindset in the classroom

4 Simple Activities for Growth Mindset in the Classroom

A growth mindset is an incredibly valuable trait that can help students achieve their goals and overcome challenges in school and beyond. In an upper elementary classroom, it’s important to encourage and cultivate this mindset, and there are many fun activities and tools that can help you do so. Here

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3 Grammar Games To Increase Student Engagement

Extra effort must be put into making grammar lessons fun and engaging! Students are more likely to grasp a concept when they actually enjoy learning about it. Including grammar games in your reading block will not only engage students, but allow them to have fun while learning. Don’t be surprised

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How to Use Classroom Escape Games to Differentiate Instruction

There are so many opportunities for digital instruction in upper elementary math class today! However, another Kahoot or simply online worksheets are not necessarily best to reach all learners at different levels. Classroom escape games are a fan favorite among students today! In fact, today’s learners are all about gaming,

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15 Indoor Recess Games for Big Kids

Rain. Snow. Cold. When recess moves inside, and students go stir-crazy. Teachers dread indoor recess almost as much as students (maybe more), but if you keep a growing list of new and different indoor recess games, your students will still have a chance to get the wiggles out and clear

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