Emergency Procedures Flip Book (Editable Flipbook)

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Keep your school emergency plan at your fingertips!

This flipbook is an easy way to keep all the details of your school’s emergency procedures handy for quick reference. In the event of an emergency, you need this urgent information at your fingertips right away. This will definitely come in handy if there is an emergency while a substitute is present!

Print on brightly colored paper and hang in a central location near your desk or keep on your emergency clipboard or inside your emergency bag.

The information I have in my flip book is pre-filled in the tabs as a reference point, but can be edited to suit your needs. Even the tab names are editable, so you can customize it if your school does a different set of emergency drills.

All text is easily editable in Adobe so you can customize for your school emergency plan. Includes detailed instructions with photos for easy assembly. The Terms of Use for purchased graphics and fonts forbid me from selling unsecured files or allowing buyers to manipulate the graphics. Thank you for your understanding!

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Emergency Procedures Flip Book (Editable Flipbook)