9 Beautiful Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

Are you trying to spruce up your classroom decor this year? Trying to find a theme that’s modern and calming for the students? A rustic farmhouse classroom decor style may be just what you are looking for. The neutral colors invite students as they come into the classroom and don’t fade as much as the brighter rainbow colors. Farmhouse styles easily brighten up with lamps, bookcases, posters, and other objects around the room. Transform your space into a beautiful classroom this school year using a farmhouse classroom theme. Keep reading this blog post to see what I have to offer.

Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Calendar Time

Start each day off with a routine! Create a learning space that screams home sweet classroom using some of the modern farmhouse classroom decor resources below. The kids will enjoy having an inviting theme while they go through the motions of the day.

Use this Editable Calendar Set as an inviting display in the classroom. Display the day of the week, the month of the year, the date, and more. Laminate the pieces and attach magnetic tape to the back so you can use the pieces over and over again. They will then be easy to move around when changes happen throughout the week.

These Schedule Cards are great to have on hand to display on the whiteboard or wall. Laminate them or attach them to magnets and move them around. This is an easy way to show students what will happen daily. Students who thrive off a schedule and consistency will appreciate this daily schedule on the board.

Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Classroom Posters

Do you ever look around your classroom and wish you had a more cohesive classroom? Using some bulletin board paper and the printables below, you can create a themed classroom without the harsh bright colors. Create bulletin board displays that invite students to look at them for reference and motivation throughout the day.

Corrugated Metal Bulletin Board Letters are a fun way to spruce up your rustic farmhouse classroom. You will also like the Round Bulletin Board Letters. These are great for bulletin boards with a message. The smaller letters allow you to create a sentence or phrase without taking up too much space. Laminate them for future use and to make life easier.

Decorate student tables using Rustic Name Plates. When students walk in on the first day of school, they will know exactly where their seat is and feel welcomed into the room. I recommend laminating these as well to keep them clean throughout the year or for as long as you use them.

Grab this Birthday Display to put up all of your student’s birthdays. It comes with print and cursive options to pick and choose which you like. Laminate the cards and write names on them using a dry erase marker. If you don’t move rooms every year, leave them up, and it makes setting up for the next year that much easier.

Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

Hang up Classroom Banners or a welcome banner to invite students in during the back-to-school season and each day of the year. Students will enjoy seeing this classroom sign as they walk through the door.

If you teach younger grades, use Alphabet Posters to display the letters of the alphabet. Students can refer to these as they learn to read and write. They are extremely helpful with letter recognition and learning letter sounds. They will love how simple these are!

Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Style Teacher Table

Your space deserves to be taken care of as well. Decorate your teacher desk using rustic farmhouse decor to match the rest of the room. These new elements will create a sense of calm and uniformity within the room. You deserve to have your own space that feels like home.

Use Teacher Toolbox Labels to organize your desk or table space. These rustic labels will match the rustic farmhouse feel of the classroom while keeping your paperclips, rubber bands, and knickknacks off your desktop. These are easy to customize and print. Just stick them on the outside of the drawer with double-sided tape or paste them inside the drawer. I have 3 different rustic farmhouse variations and a bundle if you want to mix and match!

Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

Grab the Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle

If you want to deck out your entire classroom using rustic farmhouse decor, grab all of the items below. You will be all set for back to school by giving your room the perfect farmhouse feel. They work great for any grade level and last a long time when laminated.

Rustic Farmhouse Decor Bundle

This bundle includes the following items:

  • Alphabet Posters (Print & Cursive)
  • Editable Birthday Display
  • Classroom Focus Wall Banners
  • Bulletin Board Letters ( 3 styles)
  • Editable Calendar Set
  • Editable Student Nameplates
  • Editable Teacher Toolbox Labels (3 styles)
  • Editable Schedule Cards

Take advantage of the editable labels and editable posters and use them in a way that suits your classroom! Enjoy!

Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

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