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Classroom management ideas for after winter break.

4 Classroom Management Ideas for After Winter Break

Winter break is always an exciting time for everyone. Teachers are ready for some time to breathe, parents are excited to celebrate the holidays with their families and kids are over the moon about the holiday traditions. Coming back to the classroom can be a bit terrifying, but there are

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3 Grammar Games To Increase Student Engagement

Extra effort must be put into making grammar lessons fun and engaging! Students are more likely to grasp a concept when they actually enjoy learning about it. Including grammar games in your reading block will not only engage students, but allow them to have fun while learning. Don’t be surprised

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Stress-Free Tools for Classroom Organization

Classroom organization is one thing that brings much stress for many teachers! Anything you can bring into your life and your classroom to help alleviate some of that stress is welcome, right? With so many resources being online this year, keeping up with all the passwords is nearly impossible! Use

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How to Use Classroom Escape Games to Differentiate Instruction

There are so many opportunities for digital instruction in upper elementary math class today! However, another Kahoot or simply online worksheets are not necessarily best to reach all learners at different levels. Classroom escape games are a fan favorite among students today! In fact, today’s learners are all about gaming,

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meet the teacher stations for back to school night

Stress-Free Meet the Teacher Night Stations

The first weeks back at school are so busy! Back to School night can be hectic, so try setting up stations for a stress-free meet the teacher night. Although I’m calling them “stations,” they are really just invitations to students and parents to engage in some meaningful activities and conversations

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