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How to Use Classroom Escape Games to Differentiate Instruction

There are so many opportunities for digital instruction in upper elementary math class today! However, another Kahoot or simply online worksheets are not necessarily best to reach all learners at different levels. Classroom escape games are a fan favorite among students today! In fact, today’s learners are all about gaming,

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meet the teacher stations for back to school night

Stress-Free Meet the Teacher Night Stations

The first weeks back at school are so busy! Back to School night can be hectic, so try setting up stations for a stress-free meet the teacher night. Although I’m calling them “stations,” they are really just invitations to students and parents to engage in some meaningful activities and conversations

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simple tips for successful and effective parent-teacher conferences

6 Tips for Parent-Teacher Conference Success

Fall parent-teacher conference time is just around the corner, and you are getting ready to share all the amazing things your students have done this year. Conferences are an important time to connect with each student’s family and discuss their academic performance and behavior at school. It doesn’t have to

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15 Indoor Recess Games for Big Kids

Rain. Snow. Cold. When recess moves inside, and students go stir-crazy. Teachers dread indoor recess almost as much as students (maybe more), but if you keep a growing list of new and different indoor recess games, your students will still have a chance to get the wiggles out and clear

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3 Ways Teachers Can STOP Bringing Work Home

No matter your teaching situation, one thing is universally true: Teachers do not have enough time to get everything done during the day. How would it feel to totally stop bringing work home from school? Pretty amazing, right? It can be done. In fact, I did it! For the last

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Flexible Seating is not about yoga balls.

Flexible seating is everywhere. And it seems like everyone has a really strong opinion. You either love it, you’re thinking about it, or you’re vehemently opposed. If you’re on the fence, this post is for you! I’m tackling some myths and sharing some truths about flexible seating. Myth #1: Flexible

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