Poetry Unit – Writing 5 Types of Poems Haiku, Limerick, I am, Shape, Free Verse

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Engage your students in poetry writing with this comprehensive poetry unit! Your students will spend time learning about and analyzing 5 different types of poetry and then they will practice writing their own poems.

Lead your students to discover haiku, limerick, I am, shape and free verse poetry. Quick and easy set up makes this poetry unit perfect for any classroom in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. Plus, there is a teaching powerpoint to help with direct instruction.

Here’s what you’ll get in this poetry unit:

  • Teaching slides
  • 5 poetry posters
  • 9 example poems
  • 5 sets of questions with answers
  • 5 poetry writing graphic organizers
  • Publishing paper and poetry cover page

Your students will love poetry writing as they transform into poets and create a poetry book. This book comes complete with publishing paper and a cover page that they can staple together and present to classmates or bring home!

With the 5 different types of poetry, you will get an example, a definition, fun facts, poetry rules, questions and answers, a poetry writing template and publishing paper. Your students will flourish after completing this poetry unit.

Prep is quick and easy…Just print the student pages and project the PowerPoint to guide your students through their poetry journey. You can use this poetry unit in rotations or as a whole group lesson.

Help your students succeed in poetry writing with this standards-aligned resource that comes with teaching notes! It is suitable for grades 3-6.

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Poetry Unit – Writing 5 Types of Poems Haiku, Limerick, I am, Shape, Free Verse