End of the Year Activity: A to Z Countdown to Summer

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Count down the end of the year with fun activities from A to Z! Promote good work habits by having students earn their reward for the following day with good behavior and working hard. However, you can always just do all 26 activities as a fun way to count down to summer.

Multiple ways to use:

  • Schedule these activities on a calendar ahead of time.
  • Put each activity inside a balloon and staple them to a bulletin board. Pop one each afternoon to see what the next day holds.


  • An activity that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet
  • Today is… Tomorrow will be… classroom poster
  • Single page calendar to send home or keep as a reference

Descriptions of each activity are included, but are editable so that you can customize them for your classroom needs!

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End of the Year Activity: A to Z Countdown to Summer