Decimal Operations Math Escape Game




Escape game style review for operations with decimals!

This decimal activity will be a hit in your classroom! Students will practice 5th grade decimal operations in this breakout style game. Tasks will unlock one after the other, until the final task is unlocked, and students escape. Students will love working collaboratively as a team to “escape” your classroom!

Meet the needs of all of your students with the differentiated task options. Also, this resource includes complete setup and teaching instructions. This resource is Common Core aligned for fifth grade, but also makes a great review for older grade levels.

Skills covered:

  • Adding decimals (money)
  • Subtracting decimals (money)
  • Multiplying a decimal by a whole number
  • Dividing a decimal to the hundredths place by a one digit divisor
  • Making change
  • Problem solving


  • All printable materials necessary for the escape game
  • Student presentation explaining the game
  • Complete game setup instructions
  • Differentiated tasks for students needing extra support or challenge

*You will need locking boxes and locks or large envelopes in order to complete this activity. I have provided instructions for a budget friendly option, using materials found at your school. If you choose to purchase boxes and locks, they can be reused with any of my Math Escape Games. Download the preview file for details about supplies needed.

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Decimal Operations Math Escape Game