Throwback Tech Tip Thursday! Student Emails

I’m starting a series of Throwback Thursday posts from my old blog to highlight some of the tech tips I shared there in the past. Check in each Thursday for another tip, and see what my thoughts are now that some time has passed, and I’ve used the tip a little longer in my classroom.

This week, I am sharing a super quick tip from about a year ago…

StudentEmailstitle - Throwback Tech Tip Thursday! Student Emails

Today’s tip is going to be super quick, because we started school yesterday, and I am one busy lady!

Have you ever found a really cool website you wanted to use with your class, but it required individual student email addresses? I found the answer last night. 
Step 1: Go to and create a Gmail account for your class. (I used
Step 2: When signing up your students for whatever website you are using, enter this email address followed by + and a number. (For example,,, etc.)
Gmail ignores anything after a + in an email address, and sends all correspondence to the original email address.
Easy as pie! 

UPDATE: My school now uses Google apps, so I am able to use the student email addresses associated with that, but all last year, this was a great trick! I actually used the numbers assigned to students based on their place in alphabetical order, so if their student number was 12, their email was It worked out really well, and helped them remember the email address!

Happy Teaching, Kristen