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5th grade books for back to school

Must-Have Back to School Books for 5th Grade

At the beginning of the school year, the literature you select can help set the tone for a safe and respectful classroom culture and can instill a challenging academic climate. If you want to help your students learn to love reading while also providing resources for their personal and academic

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Back to School tips for teachers to help start your year off right and keep your work-life balance in check during the busy back to school season.

Back to School Survival Tips for Teachers

It’s back to school time! Teaching is a passion, and even though I love summer break, I am always excited to get back into the classroom in the fall. It can be really easy, however, to let your job take over your life outside of school as well. These 5

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Holiday Read Alouds for Big Kids

  Christmas is one of my favorite times to teach. I especially love sharing holiday picture books with my students. The challenge, though, is that by 4th or 5th grade, many of them have already read all of the classic Christmas favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Polar

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Easy Halloween Ideas for Upper Elementary

You don’t have to do anything elaborate to bring some Halloween fun to your classroom. Sometimes we forget that simple things can really make a difference to our students. Here are some easy ways to incorporate a little Halloween into your week and still stick to your grade level content.

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Flexible Seating is not about yoga balls.

Flexible seating is everywhere. And it seems like everyone has a really strong opinion. You either love it, you’re thinking about it, or you’re vehemently opposed. If you’re on the fence, this post is for you! I’m tackling some myths and sharing some truths about flexible seating. Myth #1: Flexible

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