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Make sure substitutes or guest teachers have access to need-to-know information with this handy substitute flip book!

This substitute flipbook is an easy way to get important information to a substitute entering your classroom. Unlike a bulky substitute binder, the short & sweet format means subs will have time to read the information before your students arrive!

Print on brightly colored paper and hang in a central location near your desk so that a new substitute can easily find it, and have necessary information at his/her fingertips!

The substitute flipbook includes:

  • Two cover pages: Substitute or Guest Teacher
  • Welcome page
  • Who can I ask for help?
  • Where are the plans? (Perfect for days you have to use your emergency substitute plans!)
  • Quick reference for school emergency procedures
  • Class schedule
  • Class roster
  • Behavior and class procedures

All tabs are pre-filled with the information I have in my substitute flip book. You can use my version as a reference point, however it can be edited to suit your needs. (Yes, even the tab names are editable!)

Anna A was a substitute teacher for years, so she knows firsthand what a sub really needs. Here’s what she had to say, “This is a great inclusive substitute teacher information stop. It also has all the information a sub may need to have on the go and it’s just the right size to carry. Plus, it prints out perfectly. I was a sub for 4+ years and I really love this printable.”

All text is easily editable in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, including changing the font or size. Includes detailed instructions with photos for easy assembly. The Terms of Use for purchased graphics and fonts forbid me from selling unsecured files or allowing buyers to manipulate the graphics. Thanks for your understanding!

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Substitute Info Flipbook (Editable Flip Book)