Hands-on Volume Activities – Volume of Rectangular Prisms

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Explore volume with hands-on center or station activities!

Allow your students to explore volume concepts with these activities. Students will begin to discover the formula for volume of rectangular prisms on their own. Also, they will create rectangular prisms using snap cubes and use them to determine the volume of each shape.

Since we know that students remember more of what they do than what we tell them, these volume centers were designed to provide students with the hands-on aspect. Allow students to discover the formula for volume of a rectangular prism while the teacher takes the role of “guiding from the sidelines.”

Station 1: Explore the concept of volume by building & sketching rectangular prisms.

Station 2: Build multiple rectangular prisms using a defined number of cubes.

Station 3: Build rectangular prisms with given dimensions and determine the volume.


  • 3 volume exploration centers
  • Directions
  • Task cards
  • Recording sheets
  • Whole group guided discovery activity that can be used separately or along with the station activities.

Around 350 cubes are needed to run all of these center activities at the same time. All of the cubes do not need to match. Feel free to use any combination of different brands of snap cubes, counting cubes, centimeter cubes, etc.

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Hands-on Volume Activities – Volume of Rectangular Prisms