Custom Fonts, Colors, or Wording on Products in my Store

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Do you need one of my products customized with a different font, color scheme or wording to fit your classroom? I know how valuable it is to have the perfect resource ready to print and go, so I am happy to make customizations for you through purchasing this product as an add-on.

This is for a one-time customization order. Any additional changes made after I send you the final product will need to be through an additional purchase and a new order form.


Before purchasing, please email me at [email protected] for a quote, since customization pricing varies depending on the amount of work to be done.

After purchasing, you will download a file that has a Google Link. Click on that link to be taken to Google Form where you will complete a short form detailing your request so that I can see exactly what you need. I will then contact you via email.

When your customization is complete, the customized files will be emailed to you at the address you provide.


Changing out a font or color may seem like a quick task, but these customizations often require additional changes in order for the resource to print correctly or work as designed. Something that seems simple often takes an hour or more to complete. I simply cannot honor all customization requests without charging a small amount for them because the amount of work from multiple customization requests becomes overwhelming.

Please ask any questions you have before purchasing this custom file.


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Custom Fonts, Colors, or Wording on Products in my Store